Monday, July 29, 2013

Dragon Totem: 3D Block-In wip

I had some good time today to block in the basic low ploy geo and gray scale texture. Getting the major components blocked in quickly allowed me to make a few design changes that work better in a 3D scene.
WIP Low Poly Block-in:

If the project requires minimal texture shaders and will be low poly, then my first draft texture sheet is typically very straight forward and I am not too worried packing textures...yet. Starting off with a quick texture block in by cutting out sections of the concept and pasting them onto the texture sheet. This way I can quickly model and cut into a flat plane to build the basic structure and help reduce UV unwrapping time.  Once most of the puzzle is blocked in 3D and am more certain what will be tossed or kept, I will then put detail in the model and rearrange the uv's for optimal texture resolution. Below is a quick example of using the concept for the 3D texture:

Next up I will be adding more detail to the geo to push the silhouettes. Also testing out texture color and revising the values/ details. 

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